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9/19/07: Delivery Time Improvements

9/19/07: Delivery Time Improvements

Hello Everyone,

You know how exciting it gets when a project you’ve been working on for months nears completion?

That’s what it’s like for us at CafePress right now!

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a project that will help improve the shopping experience of every CafePress customer. We’ve been calling it the “deliverability” project because its primary goal is to help customers understand when their orders will arrive on their door step.

We spent a lot of time looking at customer satisfaction scores, and one of the things that we’ve learned is that buyers are a little confused about how long it takes to produce their order and ship it, and the shipping cost.

After all, during check out a buyer really wants the answer to two questions.

  1. How much will shipping cost?
  2. When will my order arrive?

Until now we haven’t done a good job at making these answers clear.

This project fixes that problem! It removes confusion from the equation, and helps buyers answer questions about shipping costs and when their order will arrive.

We’re shooting for an October 10 launch of this project.


Here’s a list of the primary benefits customers will see with this change:

  • Clear estimated delivery dates – less confusion!
  • Standard production time for non-book orders – 2 days.
  • Real 1 day shipping! If a buyer places a 1 day order by 12 pm EST they should receive it the following business day. It no longer requires 2 days for processing.
  • Access to clear estimated delivery dates from the shopping cart and check out.
  • Shipping tables become easy to read! Six tables are reduced to two.
  • During holidays we’ll be able to identify the order deadlines for holiday shipping.

Shipping Cost Changes – Some shipping costs have gone down, and some have gone up. Please see the tables below for details.

New Delivery Times*

Shipping Method and delivery times (for all items except books and occasional holiday or unforeseen delays)

Business Days
Transit Time Order to Delivery
Economy 6-9 8-10
Standard 3-6 5-7
Premium 2 3-4
1 day 1 1-2
Canada 9-14 11-15
International 9-14 11-15

Shipping Costs for all products (not including stickers, single button, single magnet, CD’s and single greeting card only orders)

first item additional
Economy 5.00 0.40
Standard 7.00 0.40
Premium 13.00 2.00
1 day 20.00 5.00
Canada 6.00 3.00
International 7.00 4.00

Exception: Posters and Framed Prints will have a separate 1st item charge. For example, if you order a t-shirt and a poster, you will be charged $5 for the shirt and $5 for the poster. This isn’t new, but worth calling out.

For orders containing ONLY stickers, single button, single magnet, CD’s and single greeting card (not including multi pack buttons/magnets)

first item additional
Economy 1.00 0.30
Standard 7.00 0.40
Premium 13.00 2.00
1 day 20.00 5.00
Canada 3.00 0.50
International 4.00 0.50

Delivery dates are not guaranteed and may include extra transit time in case of unforeseen delays. Late deliveries are always a possibility, but CafePress will do its best to ensure late deliveries are as infrequent as possible.


What is Deliverability?

It’s the name we’ve given to this project. In a nutshell, its site enhancements we’re making to help customers understand when their order will arrive, and how much shipping will cost.

What Happened to 5 for $5?

The 5 for $5 (also referred to as “flat rate”) shipping is being replaced with “Economy” shipping. With our survey to buyers we found that “5 for $5″ was confusing; most preferred and reacted best to “Economy Shipping.”

The names of the shipping methods seem different, what happened to 2-day shipping?

2-Day shipping will be renamed to “Premium Shipping.” This was also found to be confusing because after processing and shipping orders arrived in 3-4 days.

What Happened to Next Day Shipping?

Next Day shipping will be renamed to 1 day shipping. And, if a 1 day order is placed by 12 pm EST it should arrive the next business day (assuming the order is being shipped to a location where 1 day is available). Please note that this shipping method is available for all items except books, and may not be offered during occasional holiday or unforeseen delays

Are there any changes to international shipping costs?

No, costs for International orders (including Canada) will remain the same.

Have shipping rates changed?

Yes, in some cases they will go down, and in others they will go up.

The tables above outline all new shipping costs.

How is the website changing?

The biggest change is the delivery times from when you place an order to when it arrives will become easier to understand. For instance buyers will have access to clear estimated delivery dates from the shopping cart. At the check out page buyers will see estimated arrival dates for their order based on their specific shipping address, and shipping tables become easy to read!