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7/29: The ABCs of ABC Family designs

ABC Family

We’re excited to announce a brand new fan portal: ABC Family. While we’ll be announcing more TV shows soon, we’re kicking off the ABC Family fan portal with their hit series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager (portal launching early next week). Popular with female teens and women, it’s sure to be a hot draw. To be part of the fun, create designs and tag them with SecretLifeoftheAmericanTeenagerTV — and as always, stick to the ABC Family design guidelines.

Please note the following special process with the ABC Family partnership and fan-designs:
* Generally, approved designs will appear in the fan portal within 72 hours. Please note, designs that are not in compliance with the Fan Portal Merchandise Rules will not be permitted in the fan portal.
* During the upload process, you’ll need to check a box indicating you agree to the design guideline’s Terms Of Service. Please read the design guidelines for each show.

7/15: U.S. Marine Corps Fan Portal set to deploy!

Come join The Few, The Proud, The Marines on our newly approved USMC Fan Portal (launching early next week)! We’ve sat down and inked-out a win-win agreement with the U.S. Marine Corps and can now host officially licensed USMC merchandise (be sure to tag your designs with USMCFP). Also, please be sure to follow the new Marine Corps design guidelines – violating products will be shot down – Ooh-Rah!

5/17: Twilight Saga: Eclipse fan designs & portal

Eclipse enthusiasts far-and-wide are already gazing in utter-amazement at our Twilight Saga: Eclipse fan portal (coming soon). With the certain-to-be-a-hit movie opening June 30 (got your opening night tickets?), now’s the time to add Eclipse designs to your shop!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is a great opportunity for fun designs around Edward, Jacob and Bella (Team Edward, Team Jacob or if you’re neutral – Team Switzerland). Plus new characters and themes are arising, from new borns to imprinting to Victoria. So get those Eclipse-themed designs in your shop (and be sure to tag them with Eclipse to be included in the fan portal, plus use other relevant tags). And as always, faithfully read and comply with the design guidelines.