News & Announcements

Important Announcement: Community Forum Migration

Just a note to remind you that tomorrow, November 14, we will be upgrading our designer community from Eve forums to the community platform starting at 7AM PST.

We anticipate that both the old and new community will be inaccessible for 4-6 hours while we migrate content and member accounts to the new platform.

Thanks, and see you in the new community!

Changes Coming to Travel Mug Designs

Hey there, designing dudes and divas!

Our product imaging team has done some conversion analysis of our ceramic travel mug products. Right now, designs applied to the ceramic travel mugs have an oval mask applied. You can see an example of that here:,957560279

However, the oval mask creates some problems for many designs. (For an example, see this Thanksgiving mug:,882168366)

According to our analysis, most of your designs would look as good or better with the mask removed. We feel that removing the oval mask from these mugs will help them sell better, and earn you more. Our plan is to remove the masks from these designs starting Monday, November 11. We expect all the images to be updated within a week or so.

You shouldn’t need to do anything at all in response to this news (except hopefully notice an uptick in your travel mug sales).  However, we wanted to give you a heads up anyway, so nobody was caught off guard or thought it was a bug.

In the unlikely event that you have a travel mug design that really, really needs to be oval, you can still remove the masked design and create an oval version of it.


The CafePress Community is Moving!

Hey there, campers!

A few of your got an unexpected “sneak preview” of our new Community Platform,, last week. Thanks to the folks who said they liked the clean, modern new look. Very soon, everybody will get a chance to see it, because we’re almost ready to launch.

Some of you asked if the discussions we have archived on the current Eve forums will be available on the new community site. Our plan is to migrate all the content and user accounts from Eve to  All the blog content from Announcements will also be moved as well.

However, that means that both the current forums and the new community will be unavailable for at least 4-6 hours while the migration is in process. We expect to begin at 7AM PST on Thursday, November 14, 2013. We’ll do our very best to get the new site back up and running as quickly as possible.

We’ll post another reminder in the forums and here on the Announcements blog the day before the big move, but we wanted to give people a week’s warning. :)

See you in the new place!